police overreach and misconduct

police overreach and misconduct … officer Riley of Southfield Michigan … Watch on @YouTube Oh, wow! God bless this couple for posting this! He did me wrong, too!!! He needs to be fired asap!! #SouthfieldPolice #PoliceMisconduct https://www.lawenforcementinsight.com/ Using AI to replace traffic stops for minor infractions is a concept that has been explored as a… Continue reading police overreach and misconduct

Cop Sued Multiple Times

Cop Sued Multiple Times Gets Fired – No Trouble Finding New Job. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT88menMk/ https://www.lawenforcementinsight.com/ Cop Sued Multiple Times could have been prevented by AI-Driven Traffic Enforcement: https://disruptivefineart.com/category/cops-kill-pups/https://disruptivefineart.com/category/cop-watch/https://disruptivefineart.com/category/abolish-the-police/https://disruptivefineart.com/category/cop-block/https://disruptivefineart.com/category/police/