police overreach and misconduct

police overreach and misconduct … officer Riley of Southfield Michigan … Watch on @YouTube Oh, wow! God bless this couple for posting this! He did me wrong, too!!! He needs to be fired asap!! #SouthfieldPolice #PoliceMisconduct https://www.lawenforcementinsight.com/ Using AI to replace traffic stops for minor infractions is a concept that has been explored as a… Continue reading police overreach and misconduct

Cop Sued Multiple Times

Cop Sued Multiple Times Gets Fired – No Trouble Finding New Job. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT88menMk/ https://www.lawenforcementinsight.com/ Cop Sued Multiple Times could have been prevented by AI-Driven Traffic Enforcement: https://disruptivefineart.com/category/cops-kill-pups/https://disruptivefineart.com/category/cop-watch/https://disruptivefineart.com/category/abolish-the-police/https://disruptivefineart.com/category/cop-block/https://disruptivefineart.com/category/police/

A 15 year old girl JUST got shot 4 times in Columbus Ohio by this Police officer. They shot her in the chest, another baby. It hasn’t even been a full 24 hrs… When will this end?

cops kill kids

We The People Have Had Enough!!

There’s no such thing as a Cop with integrity. If you have integrity, then you wouldn’t be a Cop.  All Law Enforcement Agencies are nothing more than Organized Thugs, & The American People are just too scared to resist them.   If the reason why you let Police steal from you, is based out of fear?.… Continue reading We The People Have Had Enough!!

Traffic Citation(s) are big Business

Traffic Citation(s) are big Business for Exploiting the Poor! It’s Documented now!! I’m not paying tickets anymore, it’s a fact, local magistrates and cops have no credibility to make moral decisions!  If you losers need bread so badly, just ask! Stop being d*cks, thinking you’re above the law!!  https://www.lawenforcementinsight.com/ Benefits of AI-Driven Traffic Enforcement: https://disruptivefineart.com/category/cops-kill-pups/https://disruptivefineart.com/category/cop-watch/https://disruptivefineart.com/category/abolish-the-police/https://disruptivefineart.com/category/cop-block/https://disruptivefineart.com/category/police/

Law Enforcement is a business

Law Enforcement is a business of thieving with guns! You heard it straight from the source! This is beyond a Quota, this is a game to them! These public officials are arrogant, & need to be behind bars!!! In 2009, officers were told it was mandatory to make four stops a day and issue two… Continue reading Law Enforcement is a business

Fine of the Times!

Fine of the Times! Cops bleed the state, & you Pay for it! http://www.dbusiness.com/January-February-2011/Fine-of-the-Times/#.VuWv9snD_qA Look! The writing is on the wall! I’m not a conspirator. You guys are just fvcking morons!! Stop paying traffic tickets.. It’s a scam!! Why would you just hand money over to these paper gangster boneheads? They don’t need the money,… Continue reading Fine of the Times!