Traffic Citation(s) are big Business

Traffic Citation(s) are big Business for Exploiting the Poor! It’s Documented now!!

Traffic Citation(s) are big Business

I’m not paying tickets anymore, it’s a fact, local magistrates and cops have no credibility to make moral decisions! 

If you losers need bread so badly, just ask! Stop being d*cks, thinking you’re above the law!

Traffic Citation(s) are big Business

Benefits of AI-Driven Traffic Enforcement:

  1. Reduced Bias: AI systems can be designed to treat all drivers equally and not be influenced by factors like race, gender, or appearance, reducing the potential for biased enforcement.
  2. Consistency: Automated enforcement ensures that all infractions are treated consistently, eliminating the possibility of selective or erratic enforcement by individual officers.
  3. Less Confrontation: With AI handling minor traffic violations, there is no direct interaction between law enforcement and the driver during traffic stops, potentially reducing confrontations and misunderstandings.

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