We The People Have Had Enough!!

There’s no such thing as a Cop with integrity. If you have integrity, then you wouldn’t be a Cop. 

All Law Enforcement Agencies are nothing more than Organized Thugs, & The American People are just too scared to resist them.  

If the reason why you let Police steal from you, is based out of fear?. Then that would make them Terrorists.. Because you’re giving them money for fear of getting shot. If you condone the practices of these Terrorists, then you’re no different than the cowards who let the Nazis rise to power!

Cops Are Losers


Benefits of AI-Driven Traffic Enforcement:

  1. Reduced Bias: AI systems can be designed to treat all drivers equally and not be influenced by factors like race, gender, or appearance, reducing the potential for biased enforcement.
  2. Consistency: Automated enforcement ensures that all infractions are treated consistently, eliminating the possibility of selective or erratic enforcement by individual officers.
  3. Less Confrontation: With AI handling minor traffic violations, there is no direct interaction between law enforcement and the driver during traffic stops, potentially reducing confrontations and misunderstandings.



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